Friday, January 4, 2008

Nothing Changes On New Year's Day

Yes, yes indeed, we've made it safe into the new year, and the same we hope for you, dear readers!

Happy New Year!

And good luck with your resolutions! Got none? That's good. That can only mean that you're happy with your life as it is! Or that you are too busy, in which case you wouldn't be reading us.


The author descends from his tall tower high above the city, to mingle with lower life forms of his own creation. He drums. The men curse, the women hiss, the child perishes. He deals in verse and insult. He brings closure. The dead unshroud their cores. He washes it all out of his hair.

Yes, we've watched Ex Drummer and that's our summary. We can't even begin to outline the power of the images and the unorthodox camera work.

Mimi is addicted to the trailer and the cover song. She plays it every morning for inspiration. She must be a mongoloid herself.

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