Friday, February 1, 2008

In Bed With Chevron

It's weekend, dear readers – almost. We are lazy. Laziness cannot produce a good post. Like goodness, it is a reward in itself and we will indulge. So we leave you with some more one-liners, made in our household. It's been a while! If you don't like them, scroll down, we still have some fruit and veggies to give away!


On TV: A cricket player's hand is injured and he needs surgery.
RTG: What happened? He burnt it on a cup of tea?
ML: A heavy cup of tea?

A movie on TV, the Matrix-genre. Looks crappy.
ML: What is this, Matrix 215?
RTG: Matrix – the Inverse?
(It was The Matrix.)

CNN: “To close Guantanamo would be a logistic nightmare for the US. Especially, what to do with those detainees, who the US believe to be senior Al Qaeda members?”
ML: ...based upon?...
RTG: They are older.

London, the sign reads: New Scotland Yard.
RTG: What's that: Scotland Meter?


Finally! The moment we've all been waiting for! Another Golden Banana! Our fresh Golden Banana goes t o Chevron. An oil company, who is proud to be “part of the solution”, pioneering alternative energy, because “we live on this planet too”! Plans to manufacture their own planet failed badly and now they have to keep this one clean.

Chevron's advertisers are not content with a golden banana, so they had to take it one step further. The ad voice-over, a male, is aware that it's all about everyone's future, “for YOU [image of 11-year-old pretty girl in nightgown] and for ME [man in his 30s taking shower]”.

Leaden Cucumber along with the Golden Banana. Bon appetite.


Frog the Dog said...

I like fruit!
i especially like bananas and apples, but cucumbers - well...they are green!
i think i need you to explain the whole golden banaananananna and golden apple award system.
Is a golden bananana better than a golden apple?
Or is a golden apple what you get when youve already had a golden banananana?
And maybe you should HIt people with the leaden cucumber - that would make them take notice:)
Hope you dont mind me asking, its easy to get confused around fruit and that whole five a day thing!
Love, Fruit-curious Frog X

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Duly noted, Frog!