Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back Row Giggling

Dear Readers, we'd like to report that we are still rather busy. Besides our regular work, we've had some practical matters to attend to. Not necessarily boring: We framed and hung some family members on the wall, for example. Their pictures, that is. We cleaned Fritz the Fridge. We booked a short trip. We watered Sven and gave him his vitamins. He's been very easy lately, because he now has a new friend who keeps him and RockFrog busy – but more about that some other time.

The “homework” is still available, see previous post! See how East-Europe savvy you really are! We'll post the correct answers on Friday, most likely in the form of a comment to the original post.

Why are we writing, then? Well, we may be busy, but that doesn't mean that we don't visit other people's blogs! It can be very relaxing. We want to thank you all for that! We hope you have as great a time as we do! Most of all, we'd like to give our special thanks to quirky Ms Quarks, aka Monica, for reminding us what it was like to be university students and sit in the back row stifling giggles generated by silly jokes, born of boredom or desperation. The quintessence of University Education! A pity the two of us, Roufa and Mimi, never got to do that together. Be students together. Sneak out of class together, defy sleep together, solve the world in smoky pubs together (it was before the prohibition), party all night together, then go straight to class together. But hey! We've had our fun in our separate times and places, we can't complain! And what else is this bblogg, but making up for lost time and fun?

Let the Silliness go on! Hurrah!


True to the cause, we have prepared a poster to illustrate "Banana: The Movie", i.e., our bblogg as a movie, in the context of Digital Sickbag's competition. Here it is (click to enlarge a little):

We would like to thank Woody Allen and Don DeLillo for their invaluable contributions to the Artwork.


Jillian said...

Well, I can't wait for the answers!

Frog the Dog said...

OOO! We are SO pleased you told us about this competition!!
We LOVE films, we LOVE competitions, we LOVE making posters!
We've asked Mr Fanton is he will hold the front page to give us time to get our poster in. Bimmy has got ANOTHER boring meeting tomorrow - there just hasnt been enough time for silliness lately!

Fanton said...

Your poster is utterly bananas, in all the good ways.