Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Nay! (The Passion Continued)

So that business took a while.

But here we are again, talking about MOVIES!!!!

Yeah, let’s say it once more lest we forget: Will Ferrell is a genius and we can’t imagine the world without him. Mr Burgundy, you have a MASSIVE e&*%#)n. A single plop!

Now, any idea as to what makes a good biographical movie? How about what makes ANY movie good: story, script, actors, direction… Or at least great images and music - look at Frida! What, that’s all? That’s why we haven’t written for so long? No, of course not! Read on!

If you want to make a biographical movie about somebody and are looking for a fool-proof recipe to avoid the documentary without voice-over effect, here’s an idea: let the story be told, felt, judged, by the right observer! That would be the secretary (Hitler), the doctor (Idi Amin), the secret rival (Salieri), what have you...

… the young lover who survived (Jackson Pollock), the admirer and husband’s lover who too killed herself (Sylvia Plath). We aren’t in the movie business, but we are in the FREE!! advice business. Yes, we urge you people to let the lover and the husband’s lover tell the story of Pollock and Plath – respectively. They already sound like excellent movies.


And we’ve been sort of punished for our ramblings. As we were saying last week, we had ordered a Pollock reproduction for on the wall, an unmatched jungle … etc. and were expecting it to be delivered on Thursday by UPS. Thursday we decided to check the tracking number of the delivery. Turns out the package had been delivered already since days! The online receipt said: “Signed by: NAY”. Dysxelic though/as we are, we took that to mean that NOBODY had signed upon delivery and that the UPS had some nerve to hide their incompetence behind archaic expressions.

To cut a long story short, we now know that we have a neighbor called Nay. It was hard to trace his apartment, since it’s not on his name, but on the name of his sect. He tried to convert us, but we already have our sect.

As you know, we belong to an unholy disorder, we call ourselves Our Lady of Perpetual Astonishment.

Kind Mr Nay gave us our Pollock, despite our inconvertibility. But our new Pollock doesn’t fit in the living room, it’s too much. Ain’t that a bugger? No, it’s great! We needed something for above the drawer chest in the bedroom and this turns out to be perfect!


And now, some brand new lyrics, from DIG!! LAZARUS, DIG!! that Roufa claims were stolen from him, and Mimi confirms that they sound familiar to her:

One day I’ll buy a factory & I’ll assemble y/

On a production line

I’d build a million of y/ baby
& every single one of them will be mine

I will fill the house w/ y/ stack y/ up

In every room/ we’ll have a real good time

Lie down here & be my girl.


Bimmy the Bookish said...

It seems to us that a good movie needs a good story, but more, it needs a really strong central character. As in in books, a great character can carry a less than ordinary plot, but a great plot with a poor character falls over.
would you agree or disagree?

PS: we think you naybour may have made up his name to confuse you.

Jillian said...

LOL @ Nay.

That was funny!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Hey, friends,

Yes, Bimmy, why not, characters must a parameter too! A weak characters in a weak story must be like watching grass grow. A strong character in a weak story must be like watching a lion in repose - not very interesting, but better than grass, probably.

One can develop a whole little theory, including all four combinations of weak-strong and character-story, and the mutual effects of how the character makes the story and vice versa on top of that, but the bottom line is, each one of us knows a good movie when we see one! And then we disagree with each other - so much about theory...