Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So you think you have a mansion

Poor Marina, the little Nut.

She's had a White Easter. It's been snowing for days, as it hasn't snowed the whole winter, she said. And the traffic jam this morning was a killer. She was stuck for two hours. And she didn't even want to get there! She was heading to the dentist. Root canal.

Would you like to be Marina today? No? But she's pretty, intelligent, one could say successful,... No? Ok, we understand.

How about one-legged Jim the pigeon? No? But you could become famous! One-legged Jim is a friend of our friend Biko Azinuth the Belgian author. (He may have made him up.) He claims he encountered the one-legged pigeon during a stroll in the park, while contemplating his next book. He was considering to rewrite and improve a previous, unpublished book of his, which is very dear to him. A love story! A story about Love and Insomnia! There are not enough love stories written nowadays, is his feeling. Too much cynicism, too much naval-gazing and neurosis. He may be right. “Enough with contemporary friction.” he says. “It's high time for literary fiction!”

There is a pigeon in the book. It visits the young heroine every single time her friend is on his way to her house, as if to announce him, or worse, to vie for her attention first. The pigeon always precedes his visit by ten minutes or so, and she has noticed. "You jealous rat”, she says.

So Biko spotted the fat one-legged pigeon during his stroll in the park. It was a sign to him. He called the pigeon one-legged Jim on the spot and decided to use it in the book. A pigeon so obese, he cannot possibly fly anymore. It can't run fast enough for take-off, Biko says (which doesn't make sense, but don't forget he's Belgian).

“That's what I like to write. Magic realism – that's what I love! And isn't it a great idea? Funny, symbolic, magical... The one-legged pigeon? Eating and observing and spying and getting fatter and fatter?”

We've read the unpublished book and found this would serve it well. “Why yeah, it's brilliant” Roufa said. “The more I think about it, the more I appreciate it!” agreed Mimi. “Are we allowed to blog about it? Or are you afraid somebody would steal it?”

“Oh, no, of course you can! It's ideas, they are flying around, drifting in the air... Unlike poor one-legged Jim, who has eaten himself too fat to fly.”


Hopefully you are who you want to be already -- more or less!

We can't complain.


Dear readers, we are going to be very busy the rest of the week. You won't see a lot of us. So we will leave you with a fun suggestion – it's really super: Cribs with Louis XVI (from the extras on the Marie Antoinnette DVD, and now on YouTube).

If you are a celebrity and you think you have a mansion to boast about on MTV? Think again, because Versailles trumps it all!


fwidman said...

I do hope you will be busy doing something good.Or, fun :)

Pigeon sounds cute :)

Jillian said...

I would be perfect if someone would just give me a million dollars!!! :-P

See ya when ya 'get back' [to the Blogosphere].

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Hmmmm. that's interesting - I have been thinking about writing a book that includes a seagull with only one wing..... hope this doesn't lead to a glut of bird books on the market. It could be a whole new genre.

I am very intrigued by your Belgian friend. I think it would be most pleasant to stroll with him in the park to discuss the dangers of contemporary friction, and the development of flightless avian characters.
Does the good Biko have a blog? Or is he sensibly immune to the double edged swords of technological wizardry, keeping himself to himself in a garrett, immune from the thralls of the new age?

Frog the Dog said...

Can Biko introduce me to some good Belgian chocolate??

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Thank you fw. It was kind of fun.

Jillian, see next post, it's coming soon.

Bimmy, Biko doesn't have a blog. He is genuinely not interested. He probably finds blogging the quintessence of contemporary friction.

He does use a PC to type his texts though.

Frog, we shall have to inquire. But haven't you had enough for Easter already?