Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Listen to the wind b*$#

Tuesday morning. Back to Black, the song, was on the radio and Mimi was putting her black mascara on, and wondering, what retard would censor such a brilliant line as “You love blow and I love puff”? Somebody felt the word “blow” was not decent enough for their respectable listeners and erased it from the radio version. Puff and blow reminded Mimi of smoking, actually. She now craved for a cigarette, although she's never put one in her mouth. She never has, because if she did it once, she could never stop, she can feel that. How can such a control freak be an oral person? Is “oral” a decent word?

Such scattered thoughts were going through her mind, when Roufa's cute head appeared at the door, to announce that there were breaking news on TV:

RTG: Fidel Castro!
ML: What, he died?
RTG: No, he resigned!
ML: OK, that's better than dying.
RTG: I guess so.
ML: It's probably good that he resigned before he died.
RTG: It would be difficult to resign after he'd died.
ML: He would never resign then. They would have to overthrow him.

So our genius poster of “Banana: The Movie”, published last Wednesday, proved prophetic, in a lose sense. We are very proud! Now we shouldn't care if we win the contest or not! We are obviously the best!


We would love to write more, but we are running out of time. We have to buy presents. And then we have to pack. For soon we are flying south! We are going to visit our chattery relatives, the ones we hung on the wall the other day. We are going to see our little niece, who must have doubled in size and decuplied in vocabulary since our last visit. Time for her to learn “uncle” and “aunt” in three different languages. If she can't, nobody can!

This qualifies as our (not too long) Leave of Absence #3.

But you don't have to miss us: You can rent “Bananas”, the real movie of Woody Allen, and have almost as much fun as here. We also recommend “Aaltra”, another Belgian movie, French-speaking this time. Featuring our new Silly Hero, Bouli Lanners. If you haven't seen his performance of “Sonny” (from the movie), based on Bobby Hebb's “Sunny”, you don't know what silliness is. If you are above 18, you can also enjoy the adult version and have a look at Bouli's version of the the lyrics.


We'll try to drop by before we leave, but if we don't, see you sometime next week, dear readers! Movies or not, have fun! And don't forget to eat your fruit and drink plenty of water: The secret to a shiny fur and a lustrous coat, whatever species you belong to.


Jillian said...

I think "oral" is a decent word!!

But have fun!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Mimi, I'm REALLY glad that you feel the way you do about smoking - that you never have because with only one puff you will be hooked for ever.
This is exactly why I never tried it either when I was but a small cartoon, and all my friends were puffing and spluttering behind the bike sheds.
Hope you have a jellynormously frogtastic time with your rellies, especially the small one. I'm sure she'll be saying "Uncle Roufaav gosouandmimilass and Auntie Roufatavandmimilass" before you know it! wot Larks!

Frog the Dog said...

There's a film about Banananannas??
Frogtastic! i'm SO going to watch that!
I'm feelng hungry already....

Frog the Dog said...

Ha Bananas!
welcome to the movies - frogblogodoglog strikes back!
(actually, that isnt what we called the film, but it would have been a good one to do, wouldnt it??)
If you can bear to see the competition....frogblogdoglog it to a cinema near you now!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Thank you, Jillian and Bimmy, have fun too!

Frog, we must admit, the competition is now verrrry tough. You have quite a cast there!

See you soon!