Friday, February 15, 2008

Fool Mental Market

Time's up! Yes, the moment has come! The correct answers to Monday's homework have been published as a comment to the post. Have fun! Those entertaining pieces are just as deep into the subject matter as we are willing to go right now. Perhaps after some holidays we would have the courage to forge further down the abyss of the Slavic soul.

Although Czar Putin was on the news, fussing over a piece of property in the bowels of Serbia. Half Kosovo wants independence and the whole of Kosovo is declaring it. But the proper respects were not paid and the Czar will not put up with an independent Kosovo. That would be “immoral”. What's next, Bernanke accusing the Chinese of being greedy?


OK, now we have a quick vocabulary test for you.

When you lend money to somebody who, to the best of your knowledge, is unable to give it back, what do you call it:
a Charity
b Stupidity
c Financial opportunity

If you answered a, keep up the good work. If you answered b, you could probably convince us to trust you with our finances. If you answered c, you are in the wrong institution, considering your mental condition. Pretty dangerous.

Which reminds us. It's been almost a month since Davos and we haven't written a word about it, despite the excitement with which we were anticipating the event. That's because we were disappointed! It was not interesting at all! The world's VIPs were all set to venture to unexplored opportunities, tap untapped potentials, discover the next big thing. But the party was pooped, the brass balls bruised -- by fears of an otherwise not coming recession? Sissies. It's all China's fault.


Weekend, finally. Time to turn off the computer. Time for some air and natural light! Time to lounge! Have a lovely time, friends!


Jillian said...

LOL... I still can't believe the best I did was three. Oh wait, i CAN believe it. Ahh well. Have a good weekend!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Thanks! Well, if you do your homework (what with Molvania, Phaic Tan etc), you'll probably do better next time!