Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wir haben das doch gewusst!

Yes, we are back! Hurrah! And yes, this is still an English-spoken bblogg. And yes, we still have a vision: Television.

On TV: a filthy-rich person, no pun intended, strolling about his vast veranda, looking over his vaster garden, being interviewed. He regrets, he says between cigar puffs, or blows, the existence of poor and ordinary people: He runs into them during his holidays in less vast places and that annoys and disgusts him. And why should ordinary people care? Contrary to germs, poor and ordinary people's existence is currently pretty well protected by law. And not all wealthy people are such sociopaths. What most wealthy people have in common is not arrogance, just a very protective attitude towards their wealth, often bordering to criminal negligence. What, you didn't know that?

When TV journalists (aka back-row C- students) don't count the blinks of, and innuendos between, presidential candidates (as opposed to, say, pay attention to what is being promised by said candidates, and keep the elected ones on the tip of their toes), they take baths with elephants to raise awareness -- and to display their muscular anatomy in wet T-shirts. We knew that already. We now also know, that when German journalists don't solve the world in long, fancy sentences and long, fancy words, they get easily shocked. So it turns out that thousands of rich Germans have been smuggling their money to bordering little tax havens. Oh, what blinding, deafening shock! Men from Mars, women from Venus, and journalists from unparallel universes. To their defense, it must be tiring for journalists to have to pretend they're clever all the time. They constantly have to defend themselves as they fail to remain within – let alone be ahead of – reality. That's when the big, loud, blinding headlines come: we are as shocked as you are!

OK, we understand. Pat on the back. The good news for the “ordinary” Germans is, there are enormous fines to be collected. The prospective magnitude of those well deserved fines is to drool over! The good bespectacled turtleneck's job is to propose constructive usage thereof. No? No. Stuck with principle and moral and daily witch quotas. Oh, lord. Platonic ideas won't put bread on the table and platonic love won't give you children – IVF aside. It's no secret, everybody knows, come on back to the war, etc.


Back to us!

We did not win the poster competition, but we are very proud of our creation. For more posters and the results go here!

Sven and RockFrog have a new friend, as we've mentioned already some time ago. His name is Frog Ted and he's quite the story teller! He kept Sven and RockFrog and other curious animals awake for two days and two nights when he arrived! Here's the evidence:

You can invite your own Frog Ted from Frog's Shop. Read more here!



PS: If you ended up here by googling “IVF+Germany”, our sincere apologies. Next time please try Yahoo.


Jillian said...

Well welcome back!

And here I thought rich people were honest Joe's. Guess you can't trust that lot.

... Platonic love won't give you children? What the...?


Monica said...

Welcome back :)

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Thanks, friends!

Jillian, that was indeed an unfortunate remark about children - Mimi's contribution. Not enough coffee - or too much of it? Roufa found it didn't make any sense, and he was just going to edit it out, but then your comment appeared and now we are stuck with it. Sigh.

Frog the Dog said...

Yoohoo you two!!
it's such good fun to see Frog Ted enjoying himself with Sven, Rock Frog and the others in Zooropa. I think Frog Ted will learn alot from them too - he's never met anyone as sharp as Sven before - not even Obi-Sven!
It's so great to have our friends back again.
Do friends make the blog go round? or is that just gravity?

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Hey, Frog! Hey, you may have something there! Maybe it's friendity that makes the blog go around! A new force in nature mediated by friendons, exotic particles that no one has detected yet, but we all suspect they exist!