Monday, April 28, 2008

The Breakfast Club

Now that you've grown up, do you still believe that? That when we grow up our souls die and we become like our parents? (Do you care?)

Will you stand above me?
Look my way, but never love me?

A soul may die if you don't feed it. And nobody really becomes like their parents. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)


We are all adults here, most likely, so there's no problem if we post a picture of Knut the Sex Tourist -- see previous post! Behold the good friends Knut and Frog Ted -- along with our Vonnegut collection and some poetry.

Knut was named Knut after Knut the Berlin Zoo bear, who was rejected by his mother and so he was raised , cuddled, and played with by a Zoo employee, an adult man. Hopefully, this hasn't screwed up Knut's mating orientation. Is it possible? Biologist, anyone? In any case, Knut the bear, for some reason, will have to travel far to find the girl of his dreams, and thus become a sex tourist, according to a popular German newspaper. As for our Knut, he claims he's a well-traveled fellow already.


We are having talks with Ferrari regarding the production of our new patent, if we can call it that, RTGML080423a: Designer Air-Drying Kits! Consisting of designer clothes lines and clothespins, and even screens, to conceal your drying laundry – depending on how anal your Homeowner Association is. For more details on the issue, see Catpaw's post and the comments there. Our clothesline would be Ferrari-red and the clothespins would be black, in the shape of the Ferrari horse. (Alternatively, yellow triangular crests with a black Ferrari horse.) The inside would be rubber (in order not to damage Tiggy's sensitive lace smalls).

Get the Ferrari Drying Kit NOW for ONLY $9,999.99 and let the Joneses try and keep up with YOU!
The waiting list opens NOW!


fwidman said...

I'm afraid you are wrong, my friends. People Do grow up to be their parents LOL I used to hope that I would never get as old and cantankerous as my mother, but sadly, I did. OOPS!
The clothesline is a good thing, but it is unfortunately out of my price range. Besides, I hang my laundry on the line in the backyard for all the neighbors to see LOL

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Well, Frank, we are targeting the stupid, vain, loaded types, so it's OK!

Growing to become at least as old as your parents is not a bad thing now is it!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Oh, it's awfully cycnical to say that our souls die when we grow up - how sad that would be! And our souls would certainly die if we didnt feed them - but becoming like our parents - wooooo, dont want to go there!

Frog the Dog said...

Youchers, that Frog Ted just gets everywhere! Look at the two of them chatting away.
Who tells the longest tails, I mean tales??

Bimmy the Bookish said...

PS: Oh but your Knut looks quite the poppet - surely he wont have to go far to find a girlfriend, unlike his namesake .....

It's a wonder your brains havent spontaneously combusted lately with all these ideas you're promulgating.

And there, thats got three longer words out than i'm usually allowed.