Friday, April 4, 2008

Manneken Poo

Dear readers, we have wonderful news regarding our crazy cousin, Marina the Nut. Two and a half months after placing her order, she's finally received her first Gucci shoes, size 34.5, 9.5cm heel. Pheew. No, we mean, Hurray. Our new-year wish to her came true. We'd love to watch her work the cobblestone paving in those. That's why you need a man by your side! In any case, for her colleagues' sake, we've urged her not to wear those weapons of mass distraction at work. We don't know if she will listen. Being surrounded by socks in sandals can do things to you brain.

Speaking of cobblestone, Belgium boasts hectares upon hectares of it. Speaking of Belgium, we just had a brilliant marketing idea for its tourist office. Their most famous attraction is Manneken Pis, the “famous statue of a little boy peeing in a fountain”. How about installing also a Manneken Poo! A little boy – or girl for that matter – pooing little Belgian pralines for the tourists! Voila. It's copyrighted now. The date is April 4, 2008.

Aaanyways. Weekend is almost there and, apart from airing ourselves as usual (our friends Ms Quarks and Kimba the White Lioness have been airing themselves too), we'll also be watching movies. We would so much love to watch a silly movie based on this true story! The schools from which those college students graduated should be closed down for failing to prevent such stupidity pollution from leaking into higher education. Oh yes, the April issue of Harper's was the best entertainment ever. We'll be reading some of that too.


Bimmy the Bookish said...

It seems to me that poor Marina is suffering not just because she is very tiny, but because she does not conform to being AVERAGE.

I have the great misfortune to be the mother of four QUITE TALL people, who also have ridiculously long feet. they are not ugly or mannish, they are just L O N GGGGGGGG.
I dont know quite how this happened, but I have a theory that it was because I gave them too much pasta when they were very small. young mothers beware!
Anyhoo, two of the three girls have size 8 UK (sorry, cant recall the EU size - but its big), and they REALLY STRUGGLE to find pretty shoes that fit.If they do come across any, they are usually too wide (because they dont have FAT feet, just long feet). During their childhood years, we shed many ears inthe shoe shops. These days whenever they find shoes that fit, they buy several pairs, and phone everyone in the family to share their good fortune.
One can only imagine that your dear Marina might benefit when it comes to the sales, as those tiny sizes are often the only stuff left - imagine the savings!
One would hope that the likes of Gucci could be relied upon to provide a proper selection - how disappointing! Perhaps they ought to get a custard pie for being so thoughtless and lacking in sensible manufacturing policies!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

You know, you have been churning out SOOOO many brilliant ideas lately, that you really ought to start some sort of ideas factory website - maybe something like
surely you'd get squillions of hits from budding entrepeneurs looking for those "je ne sais quoi" ideas?
(quoi???? oh, it's friday afternoon, you know what i mean!)

Bimmy the Bookish said...

PS: ....erm, can i just say that we didnt shed many EARS in shoe shops, we shed many Tears - oh dear. The vagaries of using a laptop at a dangerously rakish angle....

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Manneken poo - now THAT is an ORIGINAL idea by far! It would certainly capture an audience, don't you agree?! =)

Yes, I HAVE been airing myself actually, with the exception of yesterday when it RAINED! Oh well, after the long, hard, snowy Michigan winter we've just endured I feel somewhat entitled to air myself out (more like a requirement for sanity).

The good news about the weather here is that it's expected to go the next 5 days without rain and temps should be around 60 degrees- yay! The bad news is that I'm rushing to read through all my new friends blogs that have interested me in the past week since I set up this Blog Catalog account, and I'm not able to fully appreciate and enjoy more than one blog per person due to this great weather beckoning me out-of-doors...bummer!

lessee...blogging - sunshine, blogging - sunshine... hmm... difficult choices we all must make!

See you on the NEXT rainy day!

(Great writing, BTW!)

Lord Likely said...

If you wish to see someone pooping into a fountain, you should visit the Likely Estate on a weekend.

Pooping into a fountain is just one of the party pieces I perform when completely drunk.

Marina No Nut said...

Go on make fun of me. My size doesn't even exist here, outside the infant department. I sympathise with Bimmy the Bookish enormously, although we have the opposite problem. I think in the UK my size would be between 2 and 2.5.

Oh well, at least I can shop with the infants if I get desperate.

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Marina, a size 2 - 2.5 is a VERY teeny size indeed.
I was wondering - if you ever feel it might be fun to be adopted, it would be very pleasant to have a change of daughter size :)
Dont let the size-ist ******'s get you down!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

That's so funny, Bimmy! What a misfortune to have long feet! Big feet, we could say that the food you eat is too heavy. But long feet? Heavy spaghetti? And a custard pie it is for the shoe industry!

Ears, tears... Sadness can make ears drop too.

We should definitely consider your website idea!

Kimba, we wish you more good weather, best weather, that will last all summer!

Lord Likely, we take this to be an open invitation.

Marina, your new shoes are fabulous.