Thursday, July 17, 2008


Blessed are the meek. And the heterosexuals.

What? He didn't say that? Everybody says it's in the Bible! Perhaps in different words!

Unsure, we asked Tentacles of Sopholos, the wise octopus, for his opinion.

Tentacles's pipe blew and puffed. He gave us his oracle,

The Bible is the interpretation of the Bible.

We looked at each other. Mimi spoke up. And let me guess, God is the interpretation of God and a tree is the color of plants.

Tentacles blinked his tiny eyes very slowly. That sounds more like Tentacles Tentacles, he said, referring, of course, to his brother the cretin, who always says things twice, but in different words.

Then he put out his pipe and tip-toed away, mysteriously.

Tentacles Tentacles, who had been eavesdropping all along, popped up and said.

I guess what my brother is trying to say, what he wishes for you to understand, is that the Bible is more than a list of rules, a collection of guidelines. It's ...

a loud splash interrupted our exchange, and thankfully so.


Tentacles took a dive into the deep blue sea, where secret treasures go on glimmering in the dark.


Frog the Dog said...

Wooo, this Tentacles malarky is deep stuff.
Very deep.
Very out of the deep.
But can we be sure what he MEANS???

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Yoohoo you two!
We were SO thrilled that you gave us the Arte y Pico award - but now we have to be terribly luvvy and give it right back!!
But dont feel you have to do it all over again, that way might lie madness!
We were going to write a post about the people who inspire us anyway, so this fitted right in, but as the main contenders for the prize, we couldnt NOT give it to you!
thanks for the doodle week reminder - that was great fun!
wot larks!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

We can't be sure, Frog. But we would be VERY surprised if Tentacles had anything against homosexuals. Or the Bible.

Bimmy, have fun with the award! And don't you worry about us, we've already got one - hehehe!