Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What do they smoke under the sea?

Tentacles of Sopholos, the wise octopus, discovers a new phenomenon:


What are an octopus's tentacles? Are they limbs? If so, are they arms or are they legs? Can't they be both? This is obviously a case of arm-leg degeneracy!

Or are they fingers? Or toes? They can't be fingers or toes. (If they were, what happened to the other two?)


Roufa asks: If you dig a hole to the other side of the Earth, at some point around the center of the Earth you will have to turn upside down, right?

Tentacles warns:

If you dig a hole to the other side of the Earth, you will have all your questions answered by a giant moronic octopus. Beware of the giant moronic octopus!


We felt like pulling his arm-legs. So we asked him: If you work out in the rain, do you have to shower afterwards?
He said there was no rain in the sea.
There's no soap either! observed Mimi. Roufa insisted: Really, isn't rain water the purest you can get? For humans anyway?
...And fish stink! continued Mimi. But only dead fish!

Tentacles said: You are silly, all right. Then tip-toed away on all eight toeless tentacles.

[-Are you the Wise Man on the Mountain?
-What mountain?]


Monica said...

Beautiful: "What mountain?"

Did you ever read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams? There's a part where they meet the man who controls the universe. It reminds me of this.

Frog the Dog said...

What do they smoke under the sea?
Surely, that must be seaweed??

Tentacles Tentacles? is he he related to Sophocles Sophocles, or you just MAKING IT ALL UP??

Obi-Sven-Kenobi said...

Roufa, do you not think that it depends on where you dig your hole?

If you start at the North Pole, surely it would be downhill all the way?

Or if you started at the south Pole, it would be UPhill all the way (very hard work - dont try that)
The only way I think you can do the whole thing and stay the right way up is to start on the equator, beng careful to avoid middle earth where such creatures as the moronic octopus of dread, the lost soles of catfish or worse, middle- earthers, who all haunt the shallows of causality.

And another thing - this Tentacles of Sopholos the Wise - is he as wise as Sven the Cactus?
If Tentacles and Sven TC had a fight, who would win??

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

No, we haven't read the book, Monica! We made this all up ourselves!

Top honors to Frog for providing the answer "seaweed". Perhaps we should add "water pipe"!

Thank you, obi-sven-kenobi. Very clever. Have you been consulting Sven the Cactus?

Tentacles vs Sven would make for a classic read for centuries to come...

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Ooops, no, the cartoon we didn't make up ourselves, Kamagurka did! Maybe he has read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!