Thursday, July 24, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome

As you all know, Marina the Nut lives and works in Germany, Europe, Third Rock from the Sun.

So many of her co-workers are Cancers and Leos, apparently, that for the past two or three weeks there has been cake almost every day on the occasion of somebody's birthday. They've been pulling a Laney on her! (That's short for Elaine Benes, obviously.)

Not that she minds!

Anyway, yesterday morning she received this e-mail from a colleague, sent to the whole floor:

Subject: Can it be true??

Yes it can!
Cake today at 3 p.m. at the usual place.

By 3p.m. the following sign had appeared hanging on the door to the “usual place”:

Cake we can believe in!

Who said they didn't have a sense of humor?


So the price of oil has been going up and up and up and tumbling down and up and down. Ask any smart-ass like us and they will tell you that, obviously, there are forces at work using aggressive speculation to push some players out of the market and create some kind of powerful elite or whatever. Nothing to do with real-time supply and demand. So now we told you and the world is smarter. So what? So what?

Can we do anything? No. Can you? We didn't think so.

Does this sound uncharacteristically depressing?

Oh, don't mind our moods. Something else is bothering us, really.

Nine months of labor on this blog to make Sven famous and... voilĂ . Mission accomplished. As you know, he has his own blog now. He's out there on his own! He doesn't need us anymore! ***sniff***sigh*** We need a purpose.

Should we give a golden apple to George W. Bush for saying Wall Street was a binge-drinker in a bad hangover? When he thought the world was not listening? Naahhh.. That would be like giving U2 a leaden cucumber for a second-rate bootleg recording.


Sven the Cactus said...

You could still mix my cocktails for me....

Monica said...

Aww... I'm sure Sven and his prickles miss your efforts very much.

Sven the Cactus said...

I do!
I've run out of ice, and no-one is home....

Ginger Jelly said...

Roufa Tav, Roufa Tav!!
Have you seen what happened to Frog Ted when Catpaw let him sort through the stamps??
No wonder Catpaw gets grumpy!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Sven, Sven, Sven. There's Garfield the fat cat and Sven the wisecrack cactus!


So, what would it be today? Blue Marguerita? Tekila Sunrise? Drunk on the Prickles?

Thanks for the comforting words, Monica!

Hey, Ginger, what a sticky business! Who's sticky now!