Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bite size

What will happen to our love when our life on this boisterous planet expires? Will it vanish, ether to ether? Or perhaps it will linger here forever, making the sky this bit brighter, the grass this bit greener, and the life of a tiny ladybug this bit jollier?

Oh, the banality, you say? Not if you believe it!


Misfortune doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It's just so evil in its randomness. Slapstick!, the master of Slapstick would say, who left this planet about 13 ½ months ago.

-You all looked like ants to me down there, or like germs under a microscope.
-That's what we felt like, too.
-If I had known you then, I would have tried to rescue you.
-That would have been like trying to rescue a germ from a million other germs, Wilbur.


Look at this hair! It is actually only one hair, full of split ends. The ultimate overcomb!

A full head of healthy hair can be a source of great pride for the owner (that's the person growing the hair or their spouse, depending on the local legislation). Daily overdoses of vitamin B are highly recommended! Beer is a good source of vitamin B. Does this mean that if you drink a lot of beer you will get a big hairy beer belly?


Bimmy the Bookish said...

Well, we share the love and the silliness because we KNOW that it makes shiny rainbows that everyone can see wherever they are, however down they are feeling. A happy smile that showers stars over a dark day, a hand held in a moment of doubt, a hug that wraps you round with warmth.
Surely that all lasts forever and ever and EVER??
If the love makes the world go around, what if we all died - would the world stop and let everyone fall off??
Might all sound a bit trite, but hey, love WORKS!

Frog the Dog said...

I was just looking at a picture of Sven and Rock Frog, and realised that Rock Frog is really Elvis!
And we thought he was dead....

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Very good point, Bimmy! Very good!

Shh, Frog, what are you doing? If the fans get word of this, they'll come swarming our little street, camping outside our front door! We can't have that!

Jillian said...

Finally, I don't have to feel guilty about my drinking problem!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Beer is a good source of vitamin B. Does this mean that if you drink a lot of beer you will get a big hairy beer belly?

I think we ALL know the answer to that question!!
Jillian, never mind the not feeling guilty, what about the hairy tum??
Would you not feel more guilty about the hairy tum than the drinking??

Frog the Dog said...

Hey you two!
(whispers - sorry about the Elvis thing - ERK)
You know how you say you joined the tinterweb to make Sven the Cactus famous??
Well....bear with us while we tell the story:
We managed to lure that grumpy ol' Catpaw over to the frogblogdoglog -he doesnt stop by often beause it makes him less grumpy, and he hates that, so anyway....
His comment on how Sven the Catus looks in the new head gear made us realise that Sven is indeed the stuff of movie stars and cartoon characters, and that made us think even more....
Sven has movie star good looks, he has a cool name and he is prickly enough to cause just the right amount of angst among his fellow characters - Sven the star is born!
Watch that space.
Oh, sometimes inspiration is SO exciting!

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Jillian, we are always grad to be of help to our friends!

Bimmy does have a point though!

Hey, Frog, this is VERY exciting!