Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whatever happened to Harris

He is no better for her than heroin or crack. She is nothing more to him than thin air, or a tennis ball bouncing at his feet (wouldn't you idly kick it?). A story of poisonous passion like the French tend to make – only this one is not French and it takes place in Israel. And it's painful!

She says: “My whole life is falling apart and you are just bored.”
He observes dryly: “You are hungry and I am full.”

Jerusalem as a love battlefield – that's something new! The title of the movie is Love Life (and you should stop watching it 5 minutes before the end, because then a rather unfrench conclusiveness takes over).

Another movie we watched recently is Princessas, from Spain. Where a Madrilenian prostitute of middle-class upbringing has trouble balancing herself on this fast spinning planet – quite literally.

Both movies feature powerful mother figures. In American movies, by contrast, the Absent Father tends to be an even stronger presence than the present mother - and by that we mean the kind of workoholic maniac that fails, for the umpteenth time, to cheer his junior during his weekend swimming contest. Interesting! The cornerstones of the American Psyche: the Absent Father and the prom night! Explains a lot about how politics is conducted – on TV at least.

Some fathers you are better off without, of course. In any case, this is a great thing about being an adult: good parents will always be there for you; parents' badness, on the other hand, becomes irrelevant – or at least you can easily pretend it does! (Unless you are still locked up in a basement.)

A lot of things become irrelevant as you grow old. There are no mistakes, as another, American movie famously puts it: Evening, with an enviable cast – and quite some mothers in there too!


Amazing! Our previous post received at least four visits by people who had been googling “undetectable poisons” and “hard to trace poisons”. Now they stand warned! So we've actually assisted them with their evil plans?

“Spaghetti in a coffee pot” is admittedly funnier!


fwidman said...

It is amazing the things one finds while googling :)

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Anything but what one's actually looking for!