Friday, June 27, 2008

Tentacles' tentacles

You have seen the devastation caused by natural disaster...
Witnessed the atrocities of war...
Listened to world leaders.. and leaders who want to rule the world.
You have heard from men of God...
and men who kill in God's name.
Gazed into eyes filled with hope
and seen hearts consumed with hopelessness.
Together we have followed the facts around the world!
Come with me! And see where the story takes us next!

This is, more or less, how Christiane Amanpour advertises her show on CNN. With such a record, honestly, we are too scared to follow Christian Amanpour. If Christian Amanpour is within arm's length from you right now, you must be in a rather unenviable situation. Unless you are a man of God.

Christiane Amanpour has been to North Korea and to the very tower that they have just destroyed, the cooling tower of a nuclear reactor! She has been filmed there! We have watched her interesting item, chronicling the visit of the New York Philharmonic to Pyong Yang, not long ago.

You think the North Koreans are getting rid of the tower to show the world they are not pursuing a nuclear program? Yes, but no, but yes, ... but No: It's because Christiane Amanpour has visited it, and obviously that's bad luck. Don't give us the evils!

It's a cement construction. They can complete a brand new tower before the dust settles of the old one's demolition.


Forget Christiane. A much more enjoyable way to explore world news is, we've just discovered, Spiegel International's on-line quizzes! We recommend, for example, “Plastic Obama and the Lost Gnomes” and “Something's Burning in Germany”.


Next on cecinestpasunebanane: Tentacles' tentacles.

Who is Tentacles?

Tentacles is an ancient Greek philosopher, who happens to be an octopus. Don't confuse him with Tentacles Tentacles, who is his brother. Tentacles Tentacles is just an idiot who likes to say everything twice in different words (he didn't get to choose his own name). He believes it makes him sound clever and lends him an aura of authority. He's right.


fwidman said...

I would try not to follow any of the CNN people no matter where they go, they only seem to go to places where bad things are happening or will happen soon LOL
North Korea is a big threat to the world, and I worry that the powers of the world will anger that lunatic running North Korea and he will start to blow things up besides cement towers. But, I pray not :)

webdesign brno said...

fwidman , you are dead right . I think we US people have some affinity with bad things .

webdesign brno said...

Lol , i agree . Now US say israel want to attack iraq. I dont think so . May be they come up with version , israel attacked and we went there in iran to help them out .lol

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Too many lunatics tend to be sane enough to buy time. Or rather, many enough!

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can i find the video, where she says: You have seen the devastation etc...


Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Here you go, pal!

CNN International Trailer - "Where the journey takes us next"So you dig Christiane?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's exactly what i was looking for!

thank you so much!!