Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grrrrrrrl Power!

You've probably heard about the so-called pregnancy pact: rumor has it that a number of schoolgirls, from Gloucester High in Massachusetts, had “a pact” to get pregnant as soon as possible and help each other raise the babies! The rumor was sparked by the observation that the number of pregnancies among the school's students had quadrupled the past year, and that, according to the school nurse, the news of the positive pregnancy-test results were invariably received with triumphant smiles and high-fives!

And everyone's shocked now. Why? Oh why? Bravo to the girls! What they are effectively saying to their parents is “guess what, if you won't give me a little brother/sister, I'll just go out and get one myself!”. Not to mention: “More labor hands to secure your retirement plan, ma!”. So save the drama!

Now that's pure girl power. No boy could ever do this!


Our Frog Ted is participating in the Frogjob Week(s) on FrogBlogDogLog! Where he shows how he helped prepare soup for Mimi when she was sick. His story and pictures have just been published! See their post of June 25 and the very special Frog Chef page!

Frog Ted's next assignment will be to help us raise a puppy properly. We are going breeder-hunting next month! So he's reading all about it, as you can see.

Yes, of course, he's a dog, but that doesn't mean he knows how to raise a puppy! All those people who read about babies, haven't they been babies themselves?

Isn't it amazing that you need a license to do virtually anything, but they let you walk out the hospital (if you've been there in the first place) with a new born, just a couple of days after delivery, with nothing but best wishes and the bill?


Λωτοφάγος said...

I'm shocked too! What happens now? The girls thought that the whole thing was a game! They cannot understand that everything will be different from now on. Wow!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Oh hey, WE were going to use that pic tomorow!
In fact, we shall do it now!

PS: these modern girls - what CAN you do with them??

Frog the Dog said...

We want to know more about this puppy malarky! Is it nearly here yet? what will he be like?? will you still love ME????

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Wow indeed. Those girls are post sexual-education. But life will go on as it always does, dear Lotofagus! "Pregnancy is the beginning of life, not the end of it, dear."

So you can go back to our To suffer in style post and add: "What does not kill you ... leaves you pregnant."

Bimmy, you may use it any time!

Frog, don't be silly. Not silly silly. Love cannot be divided by sharing, only multiplied!

Secret: we are visiting a breeder of French Bulldogs tomorrow!

Frog the Dog said...

Oh, so love x love makes MORE love?? that's SOO frogtastic!!
Hurrah. i LOVE you too, Bananannanas xx

Maybe if you are going to get a French Bulldog pup, Frog Ted should be brushing up on his French? He wasnt so hot on languages last I heard.... well, he can say "croissant sil vous plait!" obviously, but not much more.

webdesign brno said...

Lol "guess what, if you won't give me a little brother/sister, I'll just go out and get one myself!” this is one of the most hillarious thing i have ever heard .

webdesign brno said...

This is the most weird news i have ever heard . How can schol girls take such a decision . World isnt as bad yet

Bimmy the Bookish said...

In our little town on the west coast of Lancashire, England, we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the country per head of population.
It's apparently considered some sort of badge of honour, or cool thing to do to have yourself a baby when you are barely old enough to be out by yourself without a note from your Mum to say you can stay up late.
How does this happen??
Is it just another form of teenage rebellion? We English after all, hate admitting that sex exsists!!
Apparently in Holland teenage pregnancy is viewed in quite a different way - the general attitude there is that why would a teenager waste such a time of opportunity, when they can have kids later AS WELL?