Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Amelican Plesidential Elections

Our notorious friend Biko the Azinuth, as much as he loathes blogging, he can't keep his mouth shut. You know that already. But we love his silly stories – fictional or not. The other day, for example, he was telling us what it was like to watch soccer – football, if you prefer – on TV in his home country, Belgium. Suppose you are watching on Belgian TV a Dutch team play against a German team and score a goal. The speaker will, as usual, rave about the beauty of it or highlight some dumb defense mistake or whatever. You can then instantly switch to a Dutch channel and watch the jubilations and then to a German one for some moaning. Sounds like good old innocent fun over little neighborhood rivalries! It's even better if, as a Belgian, you are watching a Belgian team score against, say, the Dutch, because you can switch to the Dutch channel and indulge in the misery you've just caused them. Unfortunately, you can do the same exercise when your team loses. If you are a masochist, that is.

A Belgian with good language skills can also follow the news that are broadcast in different neighboring countries – but that's less interesting, because there are no wars anymore. Who cares when the French are on strike and whether the number of registered unemployed Germans has dropped (because many sank into poverty instead)! As long as these two bits of information have nothing to do with each other, the entertainment element is lost and you'd better stick to the affairs that really affect you.

The extinction of war should account for the success, within Europe, of football and the Eurovision thong contest (or is it song contest?), at least to some extent. Hurrah and cheers for both of them then!


This bblogg, meanwhile, has been trying rEAl hArd to avoid talk of the American elections. Because there can't possibly be anything we could say that has not been said already. All day long, molning and evening, on TV and the pless and all alound us, Amelica votes, Amelica is plepaling fol elections. It's been years already, let's get it over with, please! Oh, it will be so great to finally have an American President again on this planet! We've been sitting on golden bananas -- and other fruit and veggies -- for ages! Why not award some already? For fear of inflation, that's why!


We've invented a new syndrome. The PMS, as in Pre-Menopausal Syndrome – the one that makes you enjoy Shoes and the City – or is it Sex and the City? Something like that. (Sorry, fans. Couldn't hold it back.)


Yes, we had some good coffee this weekend and we're ready for more! The only kinds of coffee that can do the trick in this heat are Italian freddo, for the refined palates, and Greek frappe, for the brutes whose top priority is really to stay conscious as the world melts into blazing numbness around them. Cool!


fwidman said...

YOU wish the elections were over already?? What about us poor Americans! LOL The election process seems to take longer than an elephant giving birth LOL

Bimmy the Bookish said...

I think my dear McAndy would enjoy listening to the footie in threee languages - if he could SPEAK threee languages, of course. Or maybe he doesnt need to speak them, only to understand them.
Tell us dear clever silly people, is there ANYWHERE in the world that is safe from hearing about the amelican Plesidential elections? Cos if there is, we want to go there.
Meanwhile I'll be dunking my waffle in my cafe freddo...

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

How long does it take for an elephant to give birth?

Bimmy, maybe outer space is safe, but we wouldn't recommend it, unless there's a spare toilet. And waffles and coffee, of course!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Now that's swanky - putting a link into your comments. Is it something a cartoon dog and his girl could learn to do, do you think?

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

It's very easy, as long as basic html code is supported (as by our blogspot comments). You probably know this already, since you use links on your blog. Anyway, for everyone out there who doesn't!:

Suppose you want to link to FrogBlogDogLog like this:


You type the following, with only one change: use < instead of ( and > instead of ). (In the following we have typed parentheses instead of <,>, otherwise you wouldn't see the code, just the link!

(a href="http://www.frogblogdoglog.blogspot.com/")

In general, if you want a piece of text (in the example above, the text was Frog!)to link to a webpage with URL somewhere (e.g., http://www.frogblogdoglog.blogspot.com), you have to type:

(a href="somewhere")text(/a)

but with <,> instead of (,).

Good luck!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Youchers - I shall have to put the instructions into an email and send it to myself for future ref.
I've been wondering how links wre put in comments for ages - i only do it on the blog with the help of Wysiwig and his cronies.
A frogtastic sticker award to you both for your help!