Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sven the Cactus and Lenny the Wise

Great news!

Sven the Cactus is now also Sven the Cartoon! Sven C: such a Cool name! Here he is, the new star on FrogBlogDogLog!!!. If you ever need wise advice, on any topic, you can ask us, or you can ask Sven the Wise Old Cactus. He has his own e-mail address and his own blogger profile, thanks to our dear friends from Team Frog.


Yes, we know, it has been Father's Day, and everybody's wounded.
As everybody knows, though,
Blood is thicker margarine than grease.

Is Sven C as old and wise as Lenny? The one who's responsible for the slanted words above? (That's Leonard Cohen, of course. But when you've known him as long as we have, you call him Lenny.)

Here's a little something from Lenny, ideal to repeat like a mantra when you feel there's somebody wishing you harm:

So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
I'm very sorry, baby, it doesn't look like me at all


This is Lenny savoring his coffee:

... and his banana:

He must be a fan.


Mimi is feeling a lot better. Many thanks to our Team Frog friends at the beach house for the e-card, which definitely helped! As did Roufa's soups, of course.


Bimmy the Bookish said...

Ah, Leonard Cohen, music to open your veins to....

Don't play it while Mimi is recovering, she'll never regain the hope to live!

Do you know if Sven has ever admitted to living in Norway??

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Hmmm, could it be? That our cactus, our beloved cactus Sven has a secret past? Did Obi-Sven-Kenobi dig something up? Sven doesn't talk a lot, and definitely not about himself!

Monica said...

I'm glad that there is much feeling-better-ness :)

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Yes, indeedy, Monica.