Friday, June 20, 2008

There's something about Sonia

Our collection of quirky or otherwise interesting performances of Sonny (Bobby Hebb) is expanding.

The Mexican movie Sin ton ni Sonia is a silly movie. Not as silly as Aaltra. But like Aaltra, it features its own unique version of Sonny! It's actually called Sonia and it's in Spanish. We were very happy to find it on You Tube! Here is the full version (and a cropped one), with fragments from the movie!


The following is from As good as it gets, where Jack Nicholson plays a grumpy, obsessive-compulsive author of romantic novelas:

Smitten fan: How do you write women so well?
Author: I think of a man... then take away reason and accountability.

One half of this banana is female and nevertheless found this very very funny.


Back to Sin ton ni Sonia, where our hero, Orlando, has been pursuing and stalking RenĂ© for days and nights (and tequilas) in a row. She finally leaves her steady ex-boyfriend and before long Orlando and RenĂ© are making hot, passionate love in a hotel room. As soon as they're done, though, he turns his back to her and crashes for hours. She is not pleased of course and when he wakes up she starts complaining: Yada yada yada, “I just needed a hug!” she concludes. His eyes still trying to adjust to the light, and his brain to reality, he delivers this hilariously honest protest: “I'm sorry, I haven't slept for days! I need a hug too, you know!”

But who's Sonia? Sonia is Orlando's steady ex-girlfriend. He doesn't stand for a lot of reason or accountability either.


Somebody we know very well has been going through an early midlife crisis:

“I am a blond trapped in a brunette's skin. I am an idiot, burdened with a nerd's brain!”

She should be glad that having your hair dyed is rather standard procedure and does not require a psychiatrist's evaluation.

In at least one state in the U.S., though, it might require the husband's approval, since legally the hair belongs to him. Neither of us can recall which state(s), unfortunately. Can anyone help us?

Well, it's not urgent. Save the research for the office bore-out and enjoy your weekend!


momjeansblogger said...

Your friend is lucky! I'm a nerd burdened with an idiot's brain. At least I'm too stupid to understand how screwed I am.

By the way, I live in California and my husband must give me written permission to get my hair bleached, but the joke is on him because I just get a partial highlight.

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

He must?? REALLY????
Oh, this is funny!

webdesign brno said...

momjeansblogger never say yourself nerd . I believe every human being is genius. He just has to discover himself

webdesign brno said...

I dont think i will ever care to see this movie :)

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

Good! We saved you some unnecessary trouble, webdesignbrno!

Momjeansblogger is a SHE! And she's great fun indeed.