Friday, June 6, 2008

Save the drama for your mama

... said the T-shirt of a man on the street.

We both found it very funny. Roufa was somehow reminded of somebody:

- Your mother has a very funny way of arguing... She starts it off like a game, like a little dance, kind of acting the emotions...

- Bend it like Beckham

- ...until she eventually gets angry for real. It's very weird.

- Yes, she can waltz herself into the emotions and then there's no stopping her.

- She's like a character out of a movie... Or an Azinuth book.

- Save your mama for the drama!


- Your father, on the other hand, if you let him be, he's so calm, so reasonable... Without your mother, if he had married a normal woman, he would be so easy going!

- He wouldn't have married at all.

- Right...


It's weekend! Again? Time flies! (Alas, during weekends too.) More coffee and waffles, anyone?


Ginger Jelly said...

Hi you two, it's me, Ginger Jelly - I have a question for you, that's not about mamas or dramas, is that alright?
I think you have both got very cool names, but I was wondering...
does the Tav in Roufa Tav Gosou go more with Roufa, or more with the Gosou? Or is it all by itself in the middle??
I thought of this because sometimes people call me Ginger, when really my name is Jelly, or Ginger Jelly, and being called just Ginger sounds strange to me.
Do you know what I mean?

Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

It's ok, Ginger Jelly, you may ask anything you want any time. For our friends, "inappropriate" is the only inappropriate notion on this bblogg.

Tav goes more with Gosou. You may call Roufa Roufa. Or Mr Tav Gosou, but that's too formal. BUT: Roufa admits he has enjoyed it when you guys call him "Roufa Tav". It sounds very nice and you can keep using it!

Oh, your case is tricky. Your first name is your last name! Of course, "Ginger" is kind of an adjective to "Jelly", right? And adjectives go first, before even a first name! So, what's your last name?

Ginger Jelly said...

What if I call myself "Ginger Jelly the Sticky Kitten" ??
Does that mean that my first name is now my middle name?
Gosh, this is HARD!
But thank you for answering my question; we think it's really important for grownups to answer questions properly instead of fobbing off the children.
I think you are both Jellynormously Tav-tastic!