Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To suffer in style

Where have we been? Where we still are, most of the time: Mimi in bed and Roufa in the kitchen. Mimi is sick and Roufa is busy preparing a variety of soups for her.

Although she feels lousy, Mimi gets up every morning, has a decent breakfast, and then a shower, before crawling back under the sheets. She finds being dirty and sick a hundred times worse than plain sick. She'd rather stay sick longer, if that's what it takes to stay clean. She's such a silly kitten.


Have you ever been given advice on how to suffer in style? If not, worry not, it will come. Just keep on reading lifestyle magazines. What can it possibly mean, to suffer in style? It must mean something photogenic: Think film-noir heroine. And then the question arises. What would you prefer: to suffer in style or to be happy out of style? That's not a valid dilemma. If you can stay stylish while suffering, surely you can keep it up when you are happy too.


Too much soup.


And now, a little exercise. Let's try find alternatives to the famous piece of wisdom "What does not kill you, makes you stronger."

What does not kill you ...

...leaves you paralyzed.
...leaves you crippled.
...leaves you deformed. you a hell of a pain.
...will kill someone else.
...does not come in powder form.
...loves you.
...makes the jokes a lot better.
...will make you laugh, eventually.

Any more ideas?


Frog the Dog said...

Mimi lass is a (clean) soup eating kitten??
Youchers, this bbllogg gets really complicated sometimes!

PS: be prepared to be surprised on the frogblogdoglog this week!! Better start rubbing two boy scouts together....

Ginger Jelly said...

Is your perpetual astonishment a bit like a perpetual flame??